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Girlington Primary School

School Council

2016 - 2017


Hello, my name is Haroon and I have the role of chairperson.  My job is to make sure that the School Council Team functions properly. I work in partnership with Mikaeel who is the Vice chairperson. I also have to attend the governors meeting with the Vice chairperson. I enjoy my job as the chairperson.


Vice Chairperson.

Hello, my name is Mikaeel and I have become the Vice Chairperson of Girlington Primary School. My job is to help the new Chairperson which is Haroon and fill in for anyone that’s ill in the school council team.



Hello, my name is Talhah and I’m the secretary. I have to be at the meetings and type everything down on the laptop. I have to be sure that everything is file and up to date. I enjoy talking to the council about the ideas and the meetings are always fun!


SCOF (School Council Of Food)

Hello, my name is Lahreb and I’m the SCOF member. My job is to talk to the the kitchen staff.  I’m really enjoying the experience because the School Council are motivated and are hardworking. We are always ready to work hard.


Outdoor Activity Member.

Hey it’s me Laiyba and I’m a very representing my school as an outdoor member.

I ask pupils of this school about what I can do to improve the playground to make it extra fun. My aim is to make people laugh and smile and enjoy school. 


Don’t take days off just for minor problems like a cold or flu because if you come it will help your attendance and also remember there’s cinema morning for all of the people who do come with popcorn, cola and a movie in the big hall.

I’m am very kind hearted and generous and remember I will be requesting some new ideas for the playground so look out for me


ARC Member.

Hello my name is Hawaa   and I’m representing the Arc children and the school council. I am mature and responsible and I also love signing to the hearing impaired people. I listen to the deaf children and I pass their ideas to the school council.                   

School council needs your help

We need you to help us with ideas to improve attendance. We would like to know what rewards pupils believe would help them to come to school everyday. Please put your ideas in the suggestion box.